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Standard Practices and Warranties

Used parts sales receive no refunds - we offer replacements or in store credit only. All mechanical parts are sold with a standard 30 day warranty. Electrical parts sales are final. Extended warranties are available on most items. Drive train extended warranties are available in both 6 and 12 month options, and are based off the price of the item. Most small parts are eligible for a $10, One-Year extended warranty.

There is no responsibility for improper installation or usage after the time of purchase. Seller is not liable for and purchaser waves all claims for consequential damages which result from the sale of the above parts, Including but not limited to, Labor charges to install or remove the parts, Loss of income, Wages or salary or car rental charges. Buyer’s sole remedy against seller shall be a return of the price on the front of this invoice or an exchange or a replacement part if timely returned to seller. There are no warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and no warranties which extend beyond the description of the face hereof.

Parts may not be returned after 3 days from the date of this invoice unless otherwise stated in writing at time of purchase. These parts are subject to acceptance by a dismantler and are subject to a 25% handling charge if accepted.

Parts other than those originally sold or which have been altered or damaged are not acceptable for return. Body sections which have been cut off to order are not returnable. The parts must be in the same condition as when sold upon return. It is agreed that the sole determiner or of condition for return is seller. Buyer agrees to any inspection or method or inspection dictated by seller and agrees seller had the right no to accept returned used merchandise if in sellers discretion, he believes condition of used merchandise has changed from date of sale. Claims for adjustment of return due to defective or improper parts must be made in writing within 30 day of time of purchase, unless other specific arrangement were made in writing at time of purchase.

All used parts or merchandise must be inspected by buyer for defects or safety hazards. Seller stated that it in no way guarantees or warrants used merchandise for apparent or non-apparent safety hazards and affirmatively states that used parts or merchandise sold may have safety hazards, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect for actual or latent safety hazards or hire an expert to so inspect.

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